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BIOLAC marsupial practical hints


Reliable and comprehensive values for milk compositions in marupials are so far available for only a few species.

BIOLAC milk formulas for marupials are based on published information on milk composition in the Tammar Wallaby, Red-Neck Wallaby, Brushtail Possum and Koala.

BIOLAC has been formulated to contain the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore do not supplement BIOLAC with additional amounts of any of these; note that some vitamins and minerals can produce symptoms of toxicity, particularly vitamins A and D.

Do not dilute BIOLAC.

As a joey progresses to weaning, the level of lipid in the mother's milk continues to increase; this lipid is a major source of energy for the young. BIOLAC mimics these changes.

All joeys should have access to solid food from the transition period on.

The number of bottles can be reduced as a joey progresses toward permanent pouch emergence, when the amount of solid food intake increases they joey can slowly be weaned.

Pouch ermergence normally begins in
....Ringtail Possums - 100 days post partum
....Brushtail Possums - 130 days
....Red Kangaroos and most wallabies - 200 days
....Grey Kangaroos - 250 days
....Koalas - 240 days.

"I have used BIOLAC milk since it was first developed. I have raised many possums, kangaroos,
wallabies and wombats from all ages and have found the milk to be the best for
my situation. I would recomend it for all native animals."
Shirley Lack

Wildlife Carer