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BIOLAC for macropods
Common Wallaroo  

M100 is used on all furless macropods.

M150 is a transition milk and should be used when dense fur has developed.

M200 should be used when the animal produces solid, dark pellet droppings. This composition contains elevated lipid in the form of canola oil.

As the joey progresses to weaning, the level of lipid in the mother's milk continues to increase; this lipid is a major source of energy for the young.

Canola oil is preferable to other vegetable oils because its fatty acid composition is more similar to that of marsupial milk fats.

Do not use cream as it is too higly saturated in fats.

"BIOLAC is more readily digested than any another milk formula due to the ingredient
galacto-oligasaccharides (special sugars) which are similar to the sugars found
in natural marsupial milk. Therefore, using BIOLAC is likely to result
in fewer problems such as diarrhoea."
Stephen Jackson, CSIRO