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BIOLAC for koalas and wombats
Common Wombat

M100 is used on all furless koalas and wombats.

M150 is a transition milk and should be used when dense fur has developed.

M200 should be used when the animal produces solid, dark pellet droppings. This composition contains elevated lipid in the form of canola oil.

Koala milk is higher in lipid content early in lactation than is the early milk of macropods.

Older koalas and wombats can be fed either M200 or M150.

As yet there is no published data on the changes of milk composition in wombats. We recommend that wombats be fed the same milk as koalas and macropods.


"I have found BIOLAC brilliant for both adult and joey koalas and have had much success with using it.
It stimulates appetite (as soon as they're finished being fed BIOLAC, I find they automatically start
chomping on eucy leaves) and the koalas' appearance is that of fluffy,
thick fur and rounded (not fat) tummies."

Colleen Wood
Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter